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Nike Joy Run Station 是为宣传 Nike Joyride 系列而设计的线下互动体验空间,由三个多边形近圆空间组成: Joy Run 交互装置体验室、线下宣传空间、储物空间。体验者可以进到空间与 beads 一起运动。 方案灵感源于 Nike Joyride 系列产品,以明黄色调为主,红蓝为辅,空间的后半段由红蓝气球装饰,展现奔跑时鞋底 beads 的跃动。

Nike Joy Run Station is an interactive experience space, designed for amplifying the launch of Nike Joyride. It’s composed of three nearly-circular space, e.g. interactive experience room, advertising space and storage room. Users are able to run with a lot of beads after going into the space. We took the inspiration from the product of Nike Joyride series. The space is mainly in bright yellow color, auxiliary by red and blue. The rear part outside is decorated with red and blue balloons, showing the great dynamic of beads.

展示空间里的家具设计由 Joyride 系列鞋底造型解构得来。这里通过几级阶梯进入体验室,为体验者提供热身、参观和分享的场所。

The design of furniture in advertising space is deconstructed by the sole modeling of Joyride. It provides a place to warm up, visit and share. There are several steps to get into the interactive experience room from the advertising space.


团队通过改装跑步机为其加入感应器,获取实时跑步数据。装置利用音轨分层,当跑步速度越快,叠加的音轨越多,体验者感受的动感就越强,音乐即更加丰富。同时,beads 则会有高低起伏、不同运动状态的变化。

We installed a sensor into the treadmill to capture real-time data when users were running, and utilized the separating of track layers. The faster the user runs, the more sound track are superimposed, and the more dynamic the user could feel. Meanwhile, the beads vary in different heights and movement states according to the speed of treadmill.

在一分钟体验时间内,程序设置了两次拍摄时间。相机将体验者与 beads 跃动的画面录制下来,制成 Slo-Motion 即时短视频供体验者下载与分享。

As a part of the experience, every user was able to receive two slow-motion videos as UGC recorded the movement of running with uncounted beads.By scan a QR code, they could download videos instantly and share them online.


Client: Nike
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai
Space / Interactive Installation Design: Studio NOWHERE
Sound Design: B.W Studio
Construction: Wispark
Media: Kinetic

Video by Infinity Media